Диданд: 962

(What conclusions follow from the duel between two irreconcilable opponents?)

 For three years, Dodojon Atovulloev has repeatedly invited Muhiddin Kabiri to a duel. He, under various pretexts, refused a public discussion.

Finally, the face-to-face meeting took place. And not anywhere, but at the American radio studio.

Kabiri came to the debate with a prepared script - to persuade Atovulloev to reconciliation. He pre-configured himself for the role of a TEACHER, who has the right to instruct Atovulloev "on the right path." And counting on the fact that Atovulloev would melt and give him a hand of friendship, he squeezed out of himself: "We recognize the merits of Atovulloev!"

Kabiri's arrogant tone at the beginning of the debate (Who are you?! I am power!) Reminded me of the catchphrase of Cat Leopold from the popular Soviet cartoon: “Guys! Let's live in peace!"

However, in the very first minutes, Atovulloev made it clear that there could be no talk of any reconciliation and went for broke. Kabiri's script remained in his cheat sheets on his desk, which were captured in close-up. The image of a harmless mentor, an intellectual collapsed to smithereens!

ATOVULLOEV: “Before Kabiri’s arrival, the Tajik foreign opposition in Europe was united. All the showdowns, backstage intrigues, mutual enmity began after the Kabiri’s arrival! The authoritative Tajiks who moved to Europe Hafiz Boboyorov, Saidmuhiddin Dustmuhammadiyon, Bakhtiyor Amini, Abduazim Abduvahobov, Isfandiyori Nazar, Ganchina Ganjova, Haramguli Kodir could not be together with Kabiri in the atmosphere of lies and hypocrisy he created! (Probably, the audience did not go unnoticed - when Kabiri heard the last name, changed his face and expected that Atovulloev would reveal his innermost secret. But Atovulloev, apparently, took pity on his opponent - S.M.) It was after your arrival that many Tajiks were deported from Europe!”

KABIRI: “Europe is not a pasture for some!”

ATOVULLOEV: “It was you in Europe who set up not pasture in Faizozobod, but Kashar! More precisely Eurokashar!

In recent years, the campaign of terror against me on the part of your response factory does not stop, but, on the contrary, intensifies!”

KABIRI: “I have never written anything against you. I don't have any response factory. I cannot answer for all my supporters who attack you. I don't control them!”

ATOVULLOEV with a grin: “Per your instructions, your fakes are writing against me!”

KABIRI: “It's not true!”

ATOVULLOEV: “You have not a political organization, but a sect!. Nobody dares to write against anyone without your permission! Just one typical example. Alim Sherzamonov and Temur Varki - your closest associates for two years terrorized Kadam Ismatov, passing him off as Atovulloev! I am not familiar with Kadam Ismatov. But when he posted his photo with explanations on the FB, neither Temur, nor Alim, nor other members of the leadership of your organization thought it necessary to apologize!"

Then KABIRI, squeezed by irrefutable evidence of a targeted campaign of terror against the enemy ATOVULLOEV, was forced to declare: “I apologize to Kadam Ismatov!”

The culmination of this battle was the words of ATOVULLOEV: “THE CORPS OF THE GUARDIANS OF THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION OF IRAN (IRGC) STAND FOR KABIRI! The website TASNIM, owned by one of the strongest intelligence services in the world, has become a tribune for Kabiri and the journalists gathered around him!”

After such exposure, KABIRI was at a loss, but then pulled himself together and said:

“I am currently speaking on American radio, but this does not mean that America supports me! I can even appear (mind you, even! - SM) in the Israeli media!”

Stop! In the Israeli media?! It would be interesting to know how its owners from Iran will react to this intention of KABIRI. After all, the slogan “Death to Israel!” in this country sounds twenty-four hours a day! There are no countries in the world community that are more hostile to each other, like Israel and Iran!

For twenty-five years, the Islamic Party has been promoting hatred of Judaism among the citizens of Tajikistan! Let's imagine the following situation. How will KABIRI answer the question of some Israeli publication, which wished to place his interview on their pages: “Do you still harbor hatred of Judaism?”

But what surprised me most of all was the comparison of the site of the Iranian intelligence service with the world's most popular American radio, which was offensive to American journalists.

Probably, all viewers, like me, were looking forward to the following questions and answers to them: “Is it ever possible to reconcile Atovulloev and Kabiri? Will they be able to be together as a single foreign opposition of Tajikistan?” When the moderator Mirzonabi Kholikzod voiced these questions, Atovulloev was the first to answer them: “I and my supporters will never be with this opposition, because this is the way to the past century!"


From this discussion, more like a verbal fight, I made the following CONCLUSIONS:

  1. This fight is ATOVULLOEV’s triumph and KABIRI’s fiasco!

Atovulloev convincingly proved once again: the expelled Islamic Party of Tajikistan was and is a product of the Iranian special services!

And KABIRI, being powerless against the disclosures of ATOVULLOEV, without realizing it, once again demonstrated his deceitful and hypocritical appearance!

  1. In any civilized country, a political party noticed in connections with the secret service of another state will suddenly disappear from the political arena, and its leaders will turn into political corpses.

One of the paradoxes of Tajikistan is that for twenty-five years the Tajik authorities silently watched as the puppet Islamic Party, funded by Iranian intelligence services, carried out large-scale brainwashing activities. As a result, a whole generation of young people has grown up in the country, brought up in the spirit of blindness and not taught to think independently.

It was only after the failed coup attempt in September 2015 that the puppet's activities were banned.

However, the surviving elite of this party took refuge in a two-standard Europe and changed into democratic clothes. The propagandists of the surviving ELITE, who have learned the deceitful Western terminology - Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Democracy, Civil Society trumpet twenty-four hours a day on the Internet: “We are fighting for freedom and democracy!”

What else can they do? You have to earn your daily bread!

  1. Journalist Kholikzod interrupted ATOVULLOEV more than KABIRI. He could not hide his sympathy for KABIRI.

Having watched the video of the discussion again, I found that ATOVULLOEV spoke for 15.3 minutes, and KABIRI for 21.3 minutes.

In a public discussion between two opponents, not only minutes, even seconds are important for each of them. Extra minutes for one opponent is evidence of the dishonesty of the organizers of the discussion!

There is nothing surprising! It's no secret that the Tajik branch of American Radio has long become a tribune for KABIRI’s Islamic opposition.




One is also a warrior in the field! This is ATOVULLOEV!

The powerful information and propaganda machine of KABIRI - websites, TV channels, YouTube resources, FB, on which he spends millions of Iranian dollars annually, are powerless against ONE PERSON!

Because all the political activities of KABIRI and his team are based on lies and self-interest.

Politics for KABIRI is business!

And for his servants - salvation from a half-starved existence!

For ATOVULLOEV, politics is a disinterested struggle for his ideals! And the ideals of ATOVULLOEV are the creation of a just society in Tajikistan and, on this basis, the prosperity of his Motherland!

P.S. There are many interesting words and expressions in the vocabulary of KABIRI. Here are some of them:

  1. Sabr (patience). This word sounded from his lips almost every day, when the Islamic Party in Tajikistan headed by him was formally oppositional, but in fact pro-government. It was not for nothing that in those years in the government he was given the nickname “Bachayaki Gapgir” (An obedient boy).
  2. Zantalok mechurem (We swear by our wives)!
  3. Basmachi (National heroes)!
  4. And at the debate with Atovulloev, Kabiri voiced a new word, by which he will be often remembered now: charogoh (a pasture). Atovulloev generously rendered a service to Kabiri and improved this word in relation to Europe - Eurokashar.


Salomiddin Mirzorahmatov